Our architectural services are divided into phases and, although these phases vary per project, they generally include the following:

Verification of Existing Conditions

We first verify the conditions of your space using our own field measurements.  This is done for the purpose of producing accurate computer drafts depicting the existing conditions in plan, elevation, cross section and construction detail.  We simultaneously review all zoning laws and local ordinances affecting the desired project.

Design & Development

This phase includes the design of new work and any renovations of existing conditions to allow the construction to occur.  Design options will be presented for your review and approval.  At this stage, options can also be discussed with a contractor to aid in the decision-making process.  Upon your approval of the design, we prepare drawings for construction.

Construction Documents

We compile the contract documents in order to convert the design intent into a language understandable to the general contractor and for the drawings to be filed for a building permit.

Bidding & Negotiating

We will help you select a qualified general contractor that is capable and available to do the construction.  We will prepare the bidding documents, specifications, instructions and assistance as required in evaluating the submitted bids.  We can prepare the contract between you and your selected builder including a penalty clause designed to keep the construction on schedule.

Construction Administration

This work will include the fielding of all inquiries regarding site observations during the construction process to verify the work.  At the conclusion of construction, we will produce a “punch list” of work that must be completed before final payment is made to the contractor.